My Austrian Stamps

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My Austrian Stamps

Postal stamps, Austria – 2009, project in collaboration with Galerie Lüchinger St. Gallen…

A limited edition of 1000 stamps «Kleiner als das hohe Gras and 1000 stamps «Flowerdream», each one with a value of 55 cents, were produced for the use in Austria and accompanied the grand opening of Sabeth Holland’s solo exhibition and opening show of Galerie Lüchinger St. Gallen. The gallery team are important stamp collectors themselves and with visionary minds. – The stamps have become rare collectibles in the meantime.

These days Galerie Lüchinger focuses on selling Christmas collectibles with great success. Their love for art now finds space in their private context only. – Sabeth Holland wants to thank Carmela Lüchinger and Jean Paul Bach for all their wonderful achievements for her art and for their wonderful collaboration for several years.

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