My tune, a short improvisation

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My tune, a short improvisation

Sabeth Holland: « I love improvising on my piano, when I am opening up my heart and mind for inspiration to new works. Usually my playing gets lost in time and space. Which is as I want it to be, as I do know my musical limits. – I made one recording ever and only, and this I want to share with you in the video below. Maybe this depiction of my feelings illustrates better than words, what a complex process it can be to, to seek the origin from within. I often struggle to turn my inner vision, that special spark, that has no shape yet, into the artworks that you are familiar with. – Can you hear my vulnerabilty, my emotion of longing, the seeking, the fear? – It always takes a lot of courage and sensitivity to turn the inside out… – Thank you for kindness and respect.»

The video below is for your ears only… (All your eyes can see, is a deep black universe, that is also form of inspiration.)

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