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My past exhibitions

Eventually you will find here a long list with most of Sabeth Holland’s past exhibitions, starting 1991 with her first solo show at Galerie vor der Klostermauer, St. Gallen.

Thirty years of collaboration with many impressive and important galleries and art partners cannot really be put on a list, because values like courage, inspiration, trust, visionary thinking and growing are not only strong words, but more often amazing feelings with long stories. – The artist is extremely grateful to all and every one that has helped her on her way. She feels very lucky and proud to have established so many long term relationships that have held on for many, many years and are now her leading lights into a bright future.

Please understand that we will need time to create the full list. – Thank you for your patience.



Sabeth Holland, peintures – Isabel Miramontes, sculptures


Braun, Bucher, Calder, Chagall, Dali, De Fontanas, Fernandes, Hofkunst, Holwein, Holland, Hundertwasser, Léger, Leibold, Marini, Mayer, Meili, Minoli, Picasso, Santomaso, Tapies

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