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Sketches, sculpture, dog

The PDF below illustrates Sabeth Holland’s way of conception when it comes to creating a new dog sculpture. It always starts with an intense moment, which remains in her thoughts for an extended period of time and begins to shape into a very concrete picture of a dog puppy for example. Sometimes she makes drawings of her idea and sometimes models. Often she does have the name of the finished sculpture before she even starts. Trixie Dog Lovable for example is closely related to a dog that was dear to her English family. She knew the real puppy only from stories and descriptions. Eventually she gave Trixie Dog the form that you can find in the PDF below.

Sabeth Holland explains:
«I like mixing my world of art with the real world. Sometimes these moments seemingly come to life. Not so long ago, my Wolf Dog Lovable and Charly the Labradoodle made a great team. Wolf Dog also loves the snow and adores artworks, especially in yellow.»

Here the names of her Dog Lovables since 2010:
Doggy Dog Lovable, Trixie Dog Lovable, Wai Tao Fluff Dog Lovable, Alpha Dog Lovable and Wolf Dog Lovable. – All of them share amazing stories and give joy to their owners and friends.

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