Wish Fish I – Timmendorfer Strand, Germany

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Wish Fish I – Timmendorfer Strand, Germany

The colorful sculpture was aquired by the community of Timmendorfer Strand in Germany, on occasion of Sabeth Holland’s solo exhibition Impossible Seaside, showcased in 2008, by Galerie Artenvielfalt München, at the famous Trinkkurhalle.

The community has a long tradition of culture and art with numerous events, including artshows and concerts. All the more the story of this particular sculpture was to the joy of the involved art lovers and the artist – Sabeth Holland beaming from within. – Her Wish Fish had touched the hearts of the people frequenting the exhibition in such a way, that the locals wanted to keep it for good. – Thank you Timmendorfer Strand for setting new standards on a high and international level.

Mar 03 – Arp 26, 2008 – Trinkkurhalle Timmendorfer Strand – Artenvielfalt München Germany

Sabeth Holland – Impossible Seaside, Solo Exhibition

Sabeth Holland remembers:
«My exhibition was set in such a beautiful context, no more than a few steps from the water shore. And more than 1000 kilometers away from home, I felt as I was belonging there. The fir trees so familiar, the Baltic Sea so strange, fascinating, and it was the people that made me feel so welcome. They were so kind and open to me, their interest in my art was deeply touching. – A long time has gone by since, but the memories remained. I feel priveledged and grateful for having made so many friends.»

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