Works of an Artist – The Film

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Works of an Artist – The Film

Find the «Dopamine Art» of Sabeth Holland in a film documentary, created by three young students of St. Gallen University and witness the artist’s process when painting and sculpting.

Sara Wuest, Moana Salmina and Annisaa Tschopp, multitalented young filmmakers followed Sabeth Holland for several days, spread out over a longer period of time, in her creative process. They edited their extensive material to a unique documentary of four minutes only. They were the first «outsiders» ever to have access to Sabeth Holland’s sculpting.

Works of an Artist – The film (You Tube Link)

Here you are invited to follow the artist with her first steps when bringing «Birthday Cat Lovable» to life. And you will see the main painting in the film, «Rainbow’s Beginning», when it was far from being finished, but already amazing in its colour harmonies and structure. It is sheer «Dopamine Art» in its positive radiance.

Sabeth Holland usually works with the random quiet noises of her neighbourhood only, but occasionally she indulges intervals with the compositions of Hania Rani as an inspiration. Her on the soundtrak you will hear the artist as the narrator and Hania Rani’s melodies in the background.

Sabeth Holland would like to thank the young filmers for ther empathic, non intrusive filmmaking and their fresh ideas. And Hania Rani for creating such wonderfully inspiring music.

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