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Marianne Rapp Ohmann,
Owner and CEO of Rapp Auction House and Galerie Kunsthaus Rapp,,, MM Luxury Lounge:
We are proud and happy!

We are pleased to welcome the internationally established artist and award winner Sabeth Holland to Discover colorful paintings and sculptures. Experience the unique world of Sabeth Holland.



Vom 26. Mai sind die Pop Art Days von mit einem Artikel im Schweizer Einfach mal anklicken!

Sabeth Holland’s Lovables:
Kitty Cat Lovable and Rosy Bear Lovable

Sabeth Holland’s paintings and Flowerfloat:

Sabeth Holland on this collaboration:
«I got to know Marianne Rapp Ohmann in 1998, when we started our long lasting collaboration. We became friends immediately and have shared mutually the amazing changes that our lives brought along. – Now I am delighted to be amongst her artists, that the successful entrepreneur and her team selected for – And by the way, we are already working on the solo exhibition at Galerie Kunsthaus Rapp Wil, planned for the year 2022.»

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