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With their headquarters in Paris, Singulart – founded in 2017 – ranks amongst the most successful online galleries in Europe. Their inspiring activities reach out to art collectors all around the globe. And with more than 2 millons views per month, they create amazing opportunities and connections for their many artists worldwide.

In autumn 2021, Sabeth Holland was contacted by the gallery and invited to join immediately. With only a few selected works on show since November, 09 – the interest of the first collectors started coming instantly. – This illustrates once again, that her artworks are not just outstanding, but also loaded with great and universal appeal.

It would be so nice to have you as one of her followers on the Singular website. With your joining you add to Sabeth Holland’s recognition and success.

Sabeth Holland on the second day after going live:
Thank you Sebastiana for your kindness and support! It is a pleasure working with you and I am delighted to be part of such a multifaceted display of art.

And finally and most importantly – I would like to thank you my dear friends and fans for supporting my networking with your never ceasing interest, your liking and sharing of my posts, and all the lovely and most appreciative comments that you let me have. – This is motivation and extra energy which help me continue on my way.

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