next-ART, my first top online gallery

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next-ART, my first top online gallery

Online, permanent collaboration!

In 2019 Sabeth Holland was the first artist that was invited to join next-ART, the new online gallery. This was a visionary and clever decision that lead to a very dynamic and successful collaboration, not just online, but with loads of local art interventions, events, and presentations, that really came in just fine, at a time when travelling became difficult, and in lockdown, even impossible.

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Myriam Waldvogel, founder and head of the gallery, is the perfect art ambassador for Sabeth Holland. The charming networker has not only lived with a small collection of Holland’s paintings and sculptures for quite a while, but also has opend new doors to super interesting projects for the artist, dating back to the year 2002.

next-ART’s website is rich and full with impressive photographs and explicite information and povides a fully professional and sincere online shop. – The owner of the gallery is ready to be contacted online and by phone. She has helped a great many to find their perfect piece of art. Should you be interested to find out more, just contact her here.

Art and Building, Sabeth Holland, 2017, for Berit Klinik in Speicher AR

Green Forest, oilpainting – 100 x 100 cm, with three original transformations 1/1, on acrylic glass, 60 x 60 cm

Myriam Waldvogel was very much involved in this prominent project, therefore these days, Green Forest is considered to have marked the start to what eventually would become next-ART in 2019, and a permanent art collaboration since.

The Green Forest project illustrates nicely, what can become of just the perfect painting when creative minds are open and work together. – The photos above display Sabeth Holland’s artworks, beautifully installed in the office of the CEO. – It is so refreshing to see the green hills of Appenzell in full harmony with the unique art pieces as they create cleverly reduced and focused work space!

2017, filmed by Sabeth Holland at Berit Klinik Speicher, with the artist’s comment in Swiss dialect.

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