Alpine Flowerfloats I – III, Tagesklinik Spital Appenzell

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Alpine Flowerfloats I – III, Tagesklinik Spital Appenzell

Kunst im Treppenhaus – Art in the stairwell – Kantonales Spital Appenzell, 2017

The three Alpine Flowerfloats brighten up the rather dark stairwell, that connects the main entrance with the day clinic of the hospital. Patients, vistors and staff tend to use the the stairs, rather than the lift, to get to the first floor level. The wall installation showcases three flowerfloats, with the largest one placed in the center, on the first platform, half way up. The artworks are held in the brightest of Swiss alpine colours. Their shapes also evoke associations with the nearby Alpstein mountains. A multitude of pure gold applications and fractions of stardust bring extra light and a friendly spark into a space, that used to be rather drab and dull without the art.

Sabeth Holland, 2017 – Hardfoam, acrylics, 22 carat gold, stardust, resins – 99 x 158 cm, 78 x 84 cm, 75 x 107 cm

Sabeth Holland:
«It was just fantastic, to be commissioned for such a project. I am well aware of the power of my range of colors. But in this case, even I was amazed with the transformation. – I would like to thank the team of the day clinic, especially Claudia Rohner and Markus Bittmann, for the challenge and their support. – There certainly was a great need for happy and positive artworks, as I heard back from quite a few of the there frequenting people.»

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