Aquarium – just drawing

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Aquarium – just drawing

Sabeth Holland on her early start to drawing:
«When I was a little girl, I spent many Sunday afternoons with my grandparents in a café, that had an illuminated aquarium. After having had my soda water and a sandwich, I was left to only listening to the talk of the adults, which was quite boring to me. When I started fidgeting on my chair, my gentle grandfather understood my situation and always kindly let me have his pen and note book, to give me something better to do. That is how I started to sketch at a very young age. – The fascination with life under water remained an inspiration to me for the rest of my life…»

The Fish – Graphite, on paper – various sizes…

Frischer Fisch – always sketching all sorts of fish – graphite, on various types of paper…

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