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AR-C de Ciel

2020 – Overall concept for ARCOLOR AG in Waldstatt/AR. – The combination of the selected variety of artworks highlights the pigments used and the paints produced by ARCOLOR AG. Sabeth Holland also considered factors of the firm’s culture and its location in the Appenzeller mountains.

When approaching the main entrance you are greeted by the tall elegant Rainbow Tower. The transparent cuboid acts as a conceptual sculpture and reflects the firm’s main values. It was befilled according to the specified concept of Sabeth Holland, by the artist herself and members of the team. The luminous pigments that were used, you will also find in the paints that are produced by ARCOLOR AG. The greys, greens and browns are connected to the environment and the blue to the importance of water. The white emphasises the casein emulsion, that is used in their paints and white in combination with black also sybolises the colors of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The dynamic bright reds and orange reflect the team’s spirit. The layer of gold stands for the firm’s values and the shades of sunny yellows want to hint a bright future. All this is rounded off with the seemingly empty space at the top of Rainbow Tower. This transparent layer of free room comes with as much inspiration and imagination as you like…

In the conference zone, which is located on the spacious top floor, the entire concept appears again in the carefully selected artworks. There the versatile Spacers and bright paintings, the airy Flowerfloat and the colorful, sensuous sculpture add most positive vibes to the rooms. Some of these works also lend themselves to new combinations and mobile installations that can be set up according to the needs of ARCOLOR AG.

On the top floor you will also find three groups of transformations. Two of them depict details of the processes of the production area and one is dedicated to the building itself in connection with folk tradition of Appenzeller Land. To achieve the bright and inspiring appeal of all the transformations, Sabeth Holland treated all her photoshots digitally and had them printed behind acrylic glass. Each one is an original 1/1, made and selected to emphasise the overall topic.

Sabeth Holland:
«The year 2020 started with great dynamics and power and came to a very sudden standstill during the weeks of lockdown in spring. In those days I wondered whether there would ever be a need for art afterwards. – But when Dr. Jörg Müller decided to go ahead with this project in the early days of summer, I was convinced that that my art, with all its positivity, is able to contribute to a form trust and confidence into a constructive, bright future. I would like to thank whole team of ARCOLOR AG for their support and delighted feedback, and Dr. Jörg Müller for his sensitivity, inspiration and considerate decisions.»                               

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