Bubbles with a Message – Conceptual Art on Acoustic Circles

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Bubbles with a Message – Conceptual Art on Acoustic Circles

For a private collector, a family of five, in the years 2021/2022 Sabeth Holland created an intervention with art for a modern, very tall staircase. The commissioned work was joining three intentions and the problem of echoing acoustics in the living space. Have a look at the topic and the final solution.

The intention of the collaboration between the family and the artist was to create something new and futuristic at the same time as to end up with meaningful art and optimized acoustic conditions for the space. The whole process took quite some time and brought the family and the artist together on many occasions and levels. The idea and the formal concept as well als the colours and structures were developped by Sabeth Holland. She wanted to give her collectors their very own form of a family story. This meant that she made them select and shape their own topics for the five circles and reduce the content to a timeless composition that hid enough background information that outsiders would only witness the flow and lightness of the «bubbles» at first sight.

Together they created a cheerful whole that joined the already existing artpieces with the dimensions and needs of the architecture. While the family was focussing on the content in words, Sabeth Holland found ways to transform her typical form of expressing by collaborating with a digital print specialist. The final placement of the circles was decided before finishing the precious, delicate objects. The light installation was done by the Keller family themselves.

Futher more, the word «Bubbles» came as an input from the family. It was Sabeth Holland who straight away envisaged future grandchildren of Andrea and Markus that one day would fill the room with their «giggles» and would possibly ask questions about the hidden meaning of the concept.

What you see above reflects an art-loving family with a culture for deeper meaning and what you do not see, is the improved acoustics, free from any form of echo and now enabling get-togethers full of chatty exchange. Have a look a the PDF above to find more information of the work in progress.

Digital Printing on Echophone Solo Circles by Schumacher Digital St. Gallen

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