Maximilian in the Gold – The one and only portrait ever…

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Maximilian in the Gold – The one and only portrait ever…

Read here how a teenager challenged Sabeth Holland and commissioned his own portrait in 2020…

When Maximilian B. was a child, he frequently visited Sabeth Holland’s exhibitions at Kunsthaus Rapp with his mother. When he was about ten or eleven, he went up to the artist for the first time, to ask her if she would ever do something very special and specific for him and what this would possibly cost.

Sabeth Holland was quite touched and deeply impressed by his determination, but never gave it a second thought. In the year 2020, Maximilian, now a teenager with braces, contacted the artist again. In the meantime he had saved up enough to persue his plan. He had in mind to have his portrait painted. There was a photograph that he favoured and an image of one of Sabeth Holland’s artworks that he consider relevant for the range of colours.

What a challenge! There was very little space for Sabeth Holland’s own interpretation. But she agreed with delight, because she was so impressed by the young man’s stamina and determination.

Photo-portrait, image of colour range (Mini-Bärenbär by Sabeth Holland), photo-transformation by Sabeth Holland, portrait, back of the painting.

Sabeth Holland: Painting Maximilian’s portrait was quite a process. The start was easy. But to capture his personality in my very own style was certainly a challenge. Several times I thought I was there. But then the next day, I worked further, day after day. It was a good thing that I used the quick drying acrylics instead of oils. Like this I was able to keep up a particular inner image all the time and never had to put the canvas aside until I was finished. The notes on the back explain my thoughts. – You may think what ever you like of this painting, but Maximilian and I were and are still very happy with the finished work. Though I have to say, knowing what is behind it all, I most likely will never do a portrait again and I am really proud of this story and my young collector.

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