Pink Rabbits Crown

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Pink Rabbits Crown

Polyurethane, acrylics, 22 carat gold, uv-protection, varnishes – 33 x 23 x 15 cm – four postions – with text explanation below…

Sabeth Holland sculpted Pink Rabbits Crown and two more crowns in spring 2019 for the exhibition #SABELEISALAND, which was held at Schloss Grünenstein Balgach. They were a highlight for many of the visitiors, as they were welcome to touch the precious artworks and invited to try them on their heads. The many photoshots, that were taken at the time, were full of pride and joy. – In those days nobody anticipated that very soon the word crown – in latin corona- would receive a totally new meaning to all of us. Particularly Pink Rabbits Crown reminds us all of an easy going, happy summertime.

Pink Rabbits Crown und zwei weitere Kronen entstanden im Frühjahr 2019 für die Ausstellung #SABELEISALAND im Schloss Grünenstein. Dort wurden sie am «Kronen- und Klamottentag» von den AusstellungsbesucherInnen mit Freude und Stolz aufgesetzt und vielfach fotografiert. – Damals wusste niemand, das Wort Krone – lateinisch Corona – einmal eine ganz neue Bedeutung bekommen würde. Diese Skulptur erinnert an einen unbeschwerten und glücklichen Sommer.

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