Starbloom for soplar sa

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Starbloom for soplar sa

Wall installation with 3 objects and a mural – 60 x 300 x 400 cm – polyurethane, polymere substance, acrylics, varnishes, 22 carat gold – for soplar sa, 2013 – 2015

Find information in English and German about this project, that Sabeth Holland developped in the years 2013 to 2015, starting with just a quick sketch of the idea.

Starbloom, 60 x 300 x 400 cm – Entrance hall soplar sa Switzerland in Altstätten – full view and details

Sabeth Holland on the inportance of Starbloom:
«In the summer months of 2013 it was Roger Mahrle, ceo of soplar sa, who commissioned me for this project – art for the new administration headquarters. It became not just only a very special and but also timewise an extended process, because of a tragic accident, that put a halt to all my plans and more.

I am deeply obliged to this visonary and kind hearted man, who sent me a colorful greetings card, while I was in hospital aside my also badly injured husband, when he was granting me his patience for the project and sent his best wishes. This was groundbreaking news in the painful times of grey and parting, which gave me courage and helped me to eventually start believing in a positive future again.

I will never forget what an incredibly wonderful feeling it was, when Roger Mahrle, members of the soplar team and I were able to enjoy the first moments with the finished installation, in the bright sunlight of a Saturday afternoon, almost two years later. – I would like to thank them all for their kind and helpful ways. – Roger, thank you for becoming such a fine friend! Starbloom has opened a completely new level to my range of artworks. Find my echo to your motivation and trust in the bright and lush details above. I very much hope that Starbloom inspires everybody who sets eyes on it. – And by the way, it was so very nice, that it immedately brought soplar’s friend Jagdish Chandani all the way from Bangalore in India to my atelier in St. Gallen.»                               

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