My Spacers – Ideal for art in construction

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My Spacers – Ideal for art in construction

Sabeth Holland’s SPACERS are a super clever new expression of art. The innovative artist uses a a digital concept that allows alterations into many direction to create installations for projects in buildings, parks and public places. Find background information and photos below…

The spacer figures speak for themselves and radiate pure joie de vivre and spread a good mood even at first glance. When you look closely, you will find countless features in the blaze of color. The sculptures pick up positive emotions and you understand them without words.

Olga Pelliccione, Exhibition Mangager Immo Messe Schweiz (Real Estate Fair Switzerland)

Winter Spacer (Internal Link)

School of Micro Spacers (Internal Link)

Immo Messe Schweiz 2023

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