Submarine Ballroom

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Submarine Ballroom

Find a PDF and with photos and further information on how Sabeth Holland began to create her sculptures. – You will be impressed with her highly professional approach.

It all started 1997 with her Bunthalme, followed by her Installations of Seagulls, Giant Leaves and colorful Fantasy People, when in 2004 she decided to focus on making her very own sculptures from scratch, using large solid blocks of polyurethan. – Her talent for sculpting is amazing, – she is completely self taught. These days she has incredible know-how and runs an separate sculpture atelier, S20, just to be able make her forms in a space, where she does not get disturbed. She is fully equipped with tools, compressor and clever modern aids, wearing protection gear all over, even a mask, glasses, gloves and more. She does not shy away from getting covered in dust and stained with liquid polyurethane. In fact, she even loves the «dirty» work. The inspiration for the color coat grows with the sculpting process.

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