The Loving Moments – Sabeth Holland’s Sculptures

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The Loving Moments – Sabeth Holland’s Sculptures

Dive into a playroom full of unique sculptures in vibrant colours and experience Sabeth Holland’s book of Lovables, Lucky Fish and Magic Objects in a most unusual context.

The captivating photos were taken during ART11 at Gallery Alte Brennerei Unterramsern, between Solothurn and Berne, where Sabeth Holland participated with her sculptures, only. It was the gallerist Tom Gantner’s special wish, to have the previlege of showcasing the artist from this totally not yet known perspective, just as the amazing sculptor she is. The impact and success that became of this were impressive, but no surprise. Sabeth Holland’s entire works are, although well intwined, almost more powerful, when viewed as separate expressions of her art.

Tom Gantner: «Unmistakably unique, powerful and full of life – the sculptures of Sabeth Holland.»

With text contributions by Cecilia Koo, Marianne Rapp Ohmann, Dr. Ali Maienfisch, Tom Gantner, Sabeth Holland and the photography, layout and graphics by Johannes Eisenhut. – The book was printed by Typotron St. Gallen. Find the film below…

THE LOVING MOMENTS, curated works 2022, solo show at Kunsthaus Rapp Wil… (Internal Link)

Printing Power – The Loving Moments, artbook by Sabeth Holland. This Film illustrates the printing process at the Heidelberg Speedmaster, Nov 19, 2021
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