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Winner Works for Room to Read

Since 2014, once a year at the Dolder Grand Zuerich

Successful fundraising for girls – Live Auction held by Sotheby’s – Sabeth Holland’s contribution: One artwork every year since 2014. – All her works, including Twin Bear Girl, Antedel IV, Ad Astram with White and Ad Astram with Yellow, as well as the green Object Transformation, the Owl and the Lady in Red, found generous and dedicated new owners in Switzerland, the U.S.A. and Germany. They have left their mark not only for the power of her art, but also for the benefit of Room to Read’s projects in the developping world.

Room to Read Switzerland – Annual Gala with live Auction – The Dolder Grand Zuerich

The Room to Read Gala at the Dolder Grand, is a most sustainable and generous charity event, that enables education for girls in the developping world. Every year the live auction, held by Sotheby’s former CEO Stefan Puttaert, comes as one of the big highlights and has been very successful for Sabeth Holland’s artworks ever since the year 2014.

In the year 2020, due to Corona Virus, the event was broadcast online and united members of Room to Read and their supporters worldwide. And Sabeth Holland’s contribution, the painting Ad Astram with Yellow found a happy new home in the Zug region. And as always, the full amount of the auction success was used to help finance so called «girl years», i.e. education years for girls.

In the abvoe PDF included: Weltwoche article by Hildegard Schwaninger, 2019.

Sabeth Holland on her motivation:
«My family and I find it important to share happiness in so many ways. And as an artist and former teacher I am well aware of the power of reading and the necessity of a profound education, especially for girls. I am proud and grateful to say, that my artworks have helped many girls on their way. In a world were opportunities are rare, Room to Read grants long term access to tuition.

I am most inspired that my works have done so well. They won record amounts for the charity, gave pleasure to their new owners and joy and fullfillment to me and my family. Art is full of potential, full of power and can create hope, happiness and harmony. – It is so touching to imagine the many smiles, that were generated by my art over the course of the years.»

Antedel 4, 2016 – filmed and commented in English by Sabeth Holland at Atelier N1.

Amateur Film of the live auction 2014 (internal link)

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