The Melodymaker – A Giant Antedel – World Premiere

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The Melodymaker – A Giant Antedel – World Premiere

In collaboration with Lehner Akustik Maienfeld/ Bang & Olufsen Sabeth Holland created a new sculpture, THE MELODYMAKER – in the series of her Antedels – the artwork is a unique orignial piece and comes in its concept and form as a world premiere.

The Melodymaker, Antedel, Sabeth Holland, 2023, artproject and concept with sculpture for Lehner Akustik AG/ Bang & Olufsen, original 1/1, solide, polyurethane (core and surface), acrylics, 22 carat gold, stardust, UV-protection, varnishes, 179 x 79 x 62 cm.

The sculpture was revealed on October 26, 2023 at Lehner Akustik’s Lange Multimedia Nacht in Maienfeld.

More information on Sabeth Holland’s Antedels, including an amateur film (Internal Link)

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